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It was a Chinese language version of Doctrina Christiana.

Dep Ed is responsible for the K–12 basic education; it exercises full and exclusive control over public schools and nominal regulation over private schools, and it also enforces the national curriculum that has been put in place since 2013.

CHED and TESDA, on the other hand, are responsible for higher education; CHED regulates the academically-oriented universities and colleges while TESDA oversees the development of technical and vocational education institutions and programs in the country.

The CEFR courses will be available soon for Finland Swedish Online.

Education in the Philippines is managed and regulated by the Department of Education (Dep Ed), Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA).

Interestingly, the results were different than in the newer research: On average, the males labeled responsive women as more sexually attractive, while female participants were slightly less interested in pursuing a relationship with emotionally responsive male strangers.


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