Zildjian cymbal dating

These include: 20" ride, 18" Thin crash, 16" MT crash, 14" hats, 10" splash (x2).

I see this kind of situation happen in the collector car community and other fields.

Now cymbals aren't really even that valuable but in the car world many people will claim to be the only person who knows a certain bit of info. As if they were on the assembly line 24hrs a day 7 days a week to see.

I understand you are regarded as very knowledgable and I am not questioning that you are, so please do not misunderstand my comment, its not meant to discredit you. I've also read that you stated you are"the only one"' who knows certain things about certain stamps.

That would have to mean the information you have would have had to come from people who are now dead (unless you were standing right there when they were stamped every cymbal).

But it can't be backed up other than with there own word. Yet that "never made" car will show up with undisputeable documentation. The car was supposedly never made until a few started showing up and dealer documantation was found through GM in the 80's.