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It's called ethical erosion, and it usually starts with a small and seemingly harmless action in one area of life —like, sending sexual solicitations to women on dating apps.

However, the line between technology and real life can quickly start to blur — and those solicitations that were once saved just for text can soon be coming out of the person's mouth to the woman standing in front of them. If you're taking Bustle's App-less April challenge to delete your dating apps for 30 days and focus on meeting people IRL, take heart knowing you don't have to deal with any of the above for awhile and instead use this time to start connecting with people in the real world.

And deleting your apps can be just the push you need to start engaging like that IRL.

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You never know, you might be responsible for one of them getting married down the line! It’s pretty common for people lie about stupid things on their dating profile, but you can’t really get mad at someone else doing it if you’re doing it, too. If you don’t, then you’re just wasting your time along with your date’s. Some people come up with lame excuses to cancel their plans since the date was their backup plan for the night, which is a-hole behavior.

If you make plans, then you’d better have every intention of keeping them.

The seemingly "endless pool" of singles on dating apps is going to cause some people to continually pass-up others who'd make amazing life partners. People who swipe endlessly might feel like they're "putting themselves out there," simply waiting for the perfect person to come along.

But 40 years from now that "waiting for something better" mindset will have created a population of elderly singles who are still swiping (or the future equivalent), wondering why — after spending If that last image isn’t scary enough, the third consequence of behaving badly on dating apps is even more disturbing.

know the truth and went through with it anyway, then that’s really bad karma.


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