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Tipper Gore has a second home in the Santa Barbara area, where she does volunteer work on behalf of the homeless and LGBT community.She said when she visits daughter Sarah Maiani, her husband, Patrick, a musician, and their two-year-old, that she practices the drums.“She has a full drum set.It was arranged by her chief of staff, Elizabeth Spencer, who was present during the interview.

She worked part time as a newspaper photographer for The Tennessean and as a freelance photographer in Washington after her husband was elected to Congress in 1976 to represent the district that included Carthage in Smith County, which was Al Gore’s hometown.

She was active in social issues through the Congressional Wives Task Force that included volunteering in homeless shelters; founded the Parents Music Resource Center which successfully lobbied for an agreement which led to recording labels being voluntarily placed on music with violent or sexually explicit lyrics; served as Mental Health Policy Adviser to President Bill Clinton, and has long been an advocate for the LGBT community.

She said Gore was excitedly responsive when asked to speak.“She wouldn’t take a dime.

She paid her own expenses and bought her own table,” Harris said.

The two women met when they worked together in Washington, D.