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Two weeks after winning the Turkish constitutional referendum by a modest but decisive margin, president - or perhaps it is now despot - Erdogan decided to take his newly decreed powers for a spin and overnight in rapid succession surprised foreign observers when Turkey decreed that it would ban TV dating shows, fire an additional 4,000 public officials and also ban Wikipedia.

The country's Official Gazette published the decrees on Saturday evening.

The BBC reported that the Turkish authorities had blocked all access to Wikipedia in the country from 8.00 GMT. They actually have to admit they lost and take a stance to the sultan. The EU Caliph of course supports these actions and nobody will protest, the only question for the EU is Saudi Arabian or Iranian The USA needs to immediately remove all military from Turkey and for that matter all islamic countries.

No reason was given by Turkey's Information and Communication Technologies Authority which simply stated: ""After technical analysis and legal consideration based on the Law Nr. Very major major, bigly, sensitive to these idiots. "Erdogan and Turkey are almost members of the EU." Almost being the key word.

The first named thousands of civil servants to be dismissed, including nearly 500 academics and more than 1,000 Turkish military personnel.