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They called their operation "Ikrit and Biram" after two villages in northern Israel.

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Violent confrontation between the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) under the command of David Ben-Gurion, and the paramilitary Jewish group Irgun known as The Altalena Affair resulted in the dismantlement of the Irgun, Lehi, and all Israeli paramilitary organizations operating outside the IDF.

Infiltration by Palestinian fedayeen began from Egypt, resulting in many minor skirmishes, raids and counter-raids, causing hundreds of casualties on both sides, including many civilians.

Israeli paratroopers disguised as mechanics entered the aircraft, killed two of the hijackers and released 90 passengers. Acting on behalf of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Japanese Red Army members entered Lod Airport's waiting area and fired indiscriminately at staff, passengers and visitors. The Munich massacre of Israeli Olympic athletes by Palestinian militant group, Black September.

The terrorists killed two of the athletes and took nine hostage, demanding the release of 250 Palestinian and Lebanese prisoners held in Israel.

Ahmad Shuqeiri was its first leader, although the organization was de facto controlled by the Egyptian government.