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Behind the scenes, Plant wrote most of the group's lyrics.

In 1970, Led Zeppelin released the more folk-influenced , featuring the hit single, "Immigrant Song." Rock critic Lester Bangs praised the song for "its bulldozer rhythms and Bobby Plant's double-tracked wordless vocal croonings echoing behind the main vocal like some cannibal chorus wailing in the infernal light of a savage fertility rite." The group's fourth album was untitled, featuring only a set of runic symbols on its cover.

He and his family were injured in a car accident that summer while vacationing in Greece. Their next effort, 1976's In 1977, Plant experienced a great personal loss.

While he was away on tour in the United States, his 6-year-old son Karac died from a viral infection.

He also recorded a few R&B singles for CBS records on his own, but they failed to attract much interest.