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James also enjoys the role because of this and the fact she gets so many "pash" scenes with other cast members.Series producer Cameron Welsh branded Nicole as an "interesting character", adding his opinion on her development stating: "She came in with really strong opinions and a kind of morality that was different to the rest of the group".

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Executive producer Cameron Welsh said "She is an exciting talent and I think audiences are going to love her character and respond really well to her." Nicole has been portrayed as a party girl, feisty and has had many boyfriends in a short space of time.

James has described Nicole stating: "I love playing Nicole because she's feisty and fun, and doesn't mind pushing the boundaries.

TV Week were neutral to aspects of her pregnancy plot but opined James was one of the serials best actress'.

The Daily Record said that being single was good for the character.

Nicole has also been featured in various other romantic storylines, such as a brief fling with Liam Murphy, James said that he was compatible with Nicole because he had "the edge she was after".


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