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But, at the end of the day, it is all a big lie nonetheless.

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Who is drama dating

earlier this week, exclusively sat down with ET on Wednesday.

During our interview, she opened up about everything from her six years on the reality show to why she's still single to the possibility of serving prison time after pleading guilty to bankruptcy fraud last June.

I wanted to transition them into a scripted show with a different vibe. The mothers like to think it was all their kids, even though some of the original kids aren't even on there anymore." "If reality shows existed 25 years ago, I could have done this show with five different kids and five different moms -- the kids should be off the show when they hit 14," she continued. I'd like to say I'm their savior, but that would be cocky." "I was not fired, I haven't even heard from them yet AND I got a call time for today -- let's make that clear, I still got a call time to come to work today," she said on Wednesday.

"According to Lifetime, I don't know anything about TV. "They sent me an e-mail, you guys can have a copy -- it's crazy!

His decision to bring Thorne, who is the same age as Kardashian's youngest sister Kylie Jenner, is certainly raising some eyebrows.