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They started filming "The Ultimate Catch" very recently, and we received an interesting letter from a contestant who has already been sent home. Ocho Cinco is not a fan of having black girls on his show.We received emails from both a contestant and an employee of the production company stating that Chad is demanding that all the black girls be "cut", except for 1.

I've heard stories about his preference in the past but never in a million year would I think he would make it that obvious, especially knowing that his tv show is not exactly catering to the white folks...

Chad has commented on Twitter that "certain girls" are mad they got sent home and he says he's colorblind.

Long story short, Chad has identity issues and primarily chose Latinas and white girls (mostly brunette's).

Many of the black girls were eliminated right off the back (including Rabbit from Real Chance of Love)Hey Theybf- I'm a big fan of yours!!!

But, hell, if I were a young, successful single woman who could get a variety of men to date (and get away with it without getting a horrible rep), I probably would because I could. Black women all around the world a third class citizens, we black women bare the brunt of the wicked in the world and yet we are not allowed to speak about it.