Validating quicken file

The next thing to investigate is to ensure that there are no special characters AND/OR that it doesn't exceed 10 characters in your business filename.

If you need to rename your file please go to File Thanks Luke, the business file name wasn't grreater than 10 characters or have a special character, I did the validate and super validate as you suggested with no errors. When I opened PP2017 to do the restore, I found that the business file was now working normally, and that I had problems with my personal file, The personal file which was working normally now crashed the program, but not all the time.

Before attempting any repairs or a system restoration, you should create a manual back up to ensure against further loss so that you can revert any changes made during a validate or system restore process.

Save the backup file to an external drive so that if you do decide to restore your system you don't lose your data.

Look for a backup file on your computer with the "QDF-Backup" extension.


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