Updating jre

This doesn't get solved easily because the Java installation page doesn't give the option for 64bit - it assumes 32bit and downloads and installs the 32bit version.

To overcome this issue, please follow the following steps: Thank you for your interest in this question.

I had to copy the whole jre7 (in my case) folder into the Eclipse directory, and rename it jre. If you download the 64 bit version of Eclipse; it will look for the 64 bit version of JRE. If you're modifying your environmental variable PATH, make sure you put the path of the correct version.

If you download the 32 bit version of Eclipse; it will look for the 32 bit version of JRE What I did was to install the both the 32 and 64 bit version of JRE. The JAVA site seems to automatically install the 32 bit version of Java. My Windows 7 64-bit system had a 32-bit JRE installed (don't know why), so I installed the 64-bit version and added to PATH the new directory. I have windows 7 64-bit, and I had this same problem with eclipse.

because i love stack overflow forum, and it made me a programmer.* Do not rely on the windows path variable because it gets changed in nearly every update. a chrome (32bit on a 64 bit machine) java update replaces the systemwide 64 bit JVM by a 32 bit JVM.