Kenyan sex chat - Updating ibook g4

Th G4 is a good processor so if you can get one cheaply then by all means go for it.

However, it is a bit older so you might want a leaner distro. If you want to get a preview of 12.04 you can find the Beta2 version here: The advice given by Mister Garibaldi and dpny is actually quite bad.

I don't remember what's free on it, but quite a lot as I'm from the days when 40MB was OMGWHOA!

Besides, you will have better (perfect, that is to say) support for your on-board graphics, for all your i Book's multimedia capabilities, for wireless functionality, and so forth, under Mac OS X. I got a PM reply suggesting Mint PPC, anyone care to weigh in on their experiences with it?

It will be more work than installing OS X, and the install, in particular, will require attention and a good internet connection.