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My middle daughter was having a great time posting pictures of our dog and things around the house. She had school friends who were also doing it and they were sharing photos back and forth.

Also, they started getting some new followers as part of some small contests or similar interests. But as I recently outlined in an article about safely gaming online, sometimes things are not as innocent as they seem.

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Despite the proliferation of CCTV cameras, police admit that just one crime is solved for every 1,000 cameras.

Deputy Chief Constable Graeme Gerrard, the lead on CCTV for the Association of Chief Police Officers said the latest numbers, based on a map of CCTV systems in Cheshire, were intended to ‘inject more rigorous figures into the debate’ over Britain as a surveillance state.

I could not find a proper, detailed (and up-to-date) reverse-engineerment of Omegle's text chat protocol on the internet, so here, have one made by analyzing the web app (web requests and source code).

The responses are beautified and the query strings split up and URI-decoded for readability.

For example, when our oldest daughter got on Facebook, we knew that it was too early to let her just go at it on her own.