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It was a sense of ego-lessness, I no longer belonged to me; I belonged to him.” On the milder end of the continuum, it’s easy to add a little “spice” to standard fare—ribbons around wrists, plastic handcuffs, spanks and nipple pinching.

Submission and domination can also be about mind games—let’s say, ordering your guy to stand at the other end of the room fully dressed while you do a slow tease, pretending to ignore him.

She tried to play hard to get, but it wasn’t long before all her defenses were broken down. “And I couldn’t bring myself to push him away and walk out.” Power-play in sex, even with some mild pain, isn’t as rare a taste as you might guess.

When Evelyn asked Mark how often he succeeded in his dominating overtures, he said that about half of the women walked out the door immediately, while the others, like Evelyn, succumbed.

It may also have little consequence outside the bedroom. They may have fabulous sex, kinky or otherwise, and fight nonstop. For those who enjoy it, kinky sex has a “heightened level of erotic focus,” says New York sex therapist Stephen Snyder, M.

Submitting to a spanking shouldn’t make you less assertive (or pushy) with your boss or husband—nor resolve any real-life power struggles, says San Francisco sex therapist Linda Alperstein. D., and like Evelyn, people often say it makes them “high.” As Liz, 51, puts it, submission “makes me feel incredibly alive.” One experience she recalls as “the most freeing moment of my life.

In safe power play, the submissive can halt any activity by saying a nonsense word.