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We fought the good fight, but the Ducks' roster included Sean O' Donnell and Stephane Quintal -- two talented ex-NHLers who take one majestic stride for every four of mine -- and every time I got the puck and skated toward one of them, I realized, "In what universe am I getting around this guy?

I couldn't get around him in my car, let alone on these pudgy legs." We played on, laughing and cheering and having the time of our lives, and the game ended without further scoring.

Forgive me, I'm a hockey fanatic, and I participated in the NHL Media Game at Dodger Stadium, marking the first time hockey has ever been played in the legendary ballpark and the first time I've ever seen Cuba Gooding Jr. A once-in-a-lifetime chance to rub elbows (and heck, throw some elbows) with celebs like Mr.

Gooding, Michael Vartan, David Boreanaz and Neal Mc Donough, it was paradise for this Canadian because it also meant I got to hit the ice with an impressive array of former NHLers.

STORY: ' How I Met Your Mother' EP Chuck Tatham Inks New Overall Deal at 20th TV But what was I doing, playing hockey with famous people??

And in Dodger Stadium of all places, where The Beatles performed, The Three Tenors sang and a few years back at a Dodgers game I helped a one-armed fellow dispense onion onto his Dodger Dog.

it was a dream come true -- until I almost slammed into my old pal and now-opponent Alan Thicke.


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