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For conscripted 'erks', who remained in the UK, or were posted to some of the world's trouble spots, like Berlin, Korea and Malaya, and later Cyprus and Suez, life wasn't anything like so comfortable. And always time to muck about with someone's engine. Considering his trade, I think some may have taken a dim view of a rookie airman snapping away at anything he liked. The few that I have don't tell any particular story, other than they give a sort of rough view of life for one groundcrew tradesman in the RAF in those years immediately after the war, and especially for those posted to Malta.Ironic therefore, that in volunteering for the post on Malta, he should find himself posted to Hal-Far, and the 1151 Marine Craft Unit, which serviced the radios and radars for the seaplanes down at RAF Kalafrana from their quays at Marsaxlokk.

After cycling in that 1950 high summer's heat, right across the island almost from one end to the other, he also stood accused of being late!

I was born at 4am, but he still had to finish his duty, and didn't arrive till 13.30.

Click the image on the right for a better view of this veteran trooper.

A good 20% of her total voyages were in the service of the British military, some 74 voyages in all, and most of those through the Med.

On the whole, I think he enjoyed his service career.