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But can this culture really withstand the scourge of the more general social custom of emphasising self-gratification over the needs of others? “The whole time here it’s been jokey- jokey and now you come with this, eh? Shaka feels that young, black professionals are still ready to part with their money as a means to give back to their community, but what they are reluctant to do is share their time and expertise.

“I know that if I was in my family homestead in the Eastern Cape, my contribution would be more than just monetary.

“He needs a good administrator to sort out the mess and there’s so much of fear and dodgy dealings in the police service he had to bring in someone with no prior police record,” she said.

Shaka Sisulu I approached Shaka’s table knowing well what I wanted to ask him.

I remember him saying last year that many people don’t understand the added responsibilities that come with being a young, black professional.