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In this episode, I answer the question: What do you text a woman you’ve just slept with? One of the worst feelings a girl gets – if you gave her a great time in bed and you connected and all that stuff, if you don’t want her to feel bad about what just happened – just don’t treat her like a prostitute.If she has to right after sex, roll out of bed, put her clothes on and do the walk of shame out the door and you’re just like, “Oh hey, bye,” – you’re going to make her feel cheap.David’s also prepared free video courses that reveal how to get a new girlfriend, how to make friends anywhere, and how to talk to anyone. [Fade music] Scenario A, he wants to see her again. That’s a pretty straight forward question: What should you text a woman you just slept with if you like her, if you don’t like her.

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But if you’re attentive and you don’t just kick her out or anything.

Or if you’re at her place, you don’t just roll off and put your clothes on and walk out.

Over breakfast you can just talk and get to know her.

And if she comes out with you for breakfast after the deed, she’s down. She wants to see you again and, you know, this is a good thing.

So you don’t want to go like, “Okay, when do you want to get married?