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The names of Houston’s governing couple, in fact, have been on everyone’s lips since Parker became the first openly gay mayor of a major U. The first couple made headlines in South America, Australia, Spain, and Japan, and probably other planets too. Even Parker couldn’t avoid it, talking up the place to those reporters from Melbourne and the Basque Country: Houston is the fourth-largest city in the nation. Gonzalez, several black men and women, and a white lesbian, Sue Lovell, along with the assorted plain vanillas, and that’s not a particularly recent development.

Leno picked up the news right after the election: “Houston became one of the largest cities to ever elect an openly lesbian mayor,” he cracked. Many Houstonians heard from other incredulous observers outside the state, receiving correspondence similar to an e-mail I got from a friend in Washington, D. Houston has one of the largest gay populations in the U. Houston is sophisticated and diverse; the fourteen-member city council features a Mr. Because, above all, Houston is tolerant—except, maybe, for the last few bitter weeks of the election, when Parker’s opponent allowed surrogates to attack her sexual orientation, a plan that backfired big-time.

Lindsey, 27, says that in her relationship, sexting "just started out as a flirty-words kind of thing.

But then we started sending suggestive photos, which led to Skype calls that, well, you know..." Alison, 37, a writer, says she loves to exchange naked selfies with her boyfriend: "I ask him for constant d-ck pics because he has a beautiful penis and"—be warned, boys—"sometimes I like to show them to my friends at parties."The Cheating Is an Issue, Though Which makes for horror stories like this: Jeff, 37, from Denver, was traveling for business, and the woman he'd been dating agreed to house-sit for him back home.

"Texting is a placeholder for a real conversation," she says.