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Survivors are pressing colleges for some measure of justice, such as expulsion, even when offenses are not reported to police.

Accused students, bewildered by the scrutiny of sexual encounters they thought were consensual, complain that internal inquiries are stacked against them.

Many others endured attempted attacks, the poll found, or suspect that someone violated them while they were unable to consent.

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The poll yields insights from current and recent students on that issue and others:-- They are torn over sexual consent.

Forty-six percent said it's unclear whether sexual activity when both people have not given clear agreement is sexual assault.

"I just remember sobbing and sobbing and sobbing the next day. Their assailants used force or threats of force, or they attacked while their victims were incapacitated. Three in 10 said friends or acquaintances had confided to them in college that they were victims of sexual assault. The struggle continued until Mac Pherson managed to open the door and flee. "That was sexual assault."She didn't report the attack to authorities.

You learn a lot of lessons."Like most who said they had been assaulted, the woman did not report the incident to university officials or police. Katie Mac Pherson, 20, a student at Kent State University in Ohio, said she was heading to a concert one evening when a drunk friend attacked her inside a car. Suddenly he lunged forward, Mac Pherson recalled, grabbed her head and hair violently and tried to kiss her. But through an intermediary, she told the man's fraternity. "I never expected that from my friend."How big is the problem?

When she came to, she was groggy, standing in the bathroom of her dorm room, looking in the mirror. When she came to, she was groggy, standing in the bathroom of her dorm room, looking in the mirror. Thirty-seven percent described it as a problem on campus.