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Tri-County Help Center provides victims of domestic violence and sexual assault with a 24-hour crisis hotline, information, emergency shelter, counseling, and court and hospital advocacy. View information about the Ashtabula County Child Support Enforcement Agency, with links to additional information about eligibility, paternity, modification of orders, services, and a glossary of terms.

Off-premises sale of beer and wine on Sunday is only allowed after pm.

Texas law also prohibits the sale of alcohol in any "sexually oriented business" in a dry county.

Strip clubs in these dry counties often sell "set ups" (a cup with coke, ice, and a stirrer to which one can add their own alcohol) and have a BYOB policy to allow patrons to bring their own alcohol into the establishment. Virginia also restricts the sale of hard liquors (or distilled spirits) to State-run stores, or VA ABC stores.