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If the mark-to-market value is positive, then the current credit exposure equals that mark-to-market value.

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For example, a claim is exempt from the automatic stay in bankruptcy in the United States if it arises under a securities contract or a repurchase agreement subject to section 555 or 559 of the Bankruptcy Code ( 11 U. This includes the credit equivalent amount of participations in commitments and standby letters of credit sold to other depository institutions incorporated in an OECD country, but only if the originating bank remains liable to the customer or beneficiary for the full amount of the commitment or standby letter of credit.

Also included in this category are the credit equivalent amounts of risk participations in bankers' acceptances conveyed to other depository institutions incorporated in an OECD country.

The calculation of credit equivalent amounts is measured in U. dollars, regardless of the currency or currencies specified in the off-balance sheet rate contract.

The current credit exposure of an off-balance sheet rate contract is determined by the mark-to-market value of the contract.

Nonetheless, if the fund engages in any activities that appear speculative in nature or has any other characteristics that are inconsistent with the preferential risk-weighting assigned to the fund's assets, holdings in the fund will be assigned to the 100 percent risk-weight category.