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She added: 'I am not going to refer to all the positive political, economic, social and security aspects of the decision because my colleagues and I presented them in several motions to allow women to drive.'Latifa blamed the Council for not following through with the motions and recommendations earlier.

She said: 'The Shura Council is lagging light years behind the government and is dislocated from reality, the vision, the national transformation and the mobility of the government.'We are supposed to race ahead of the government, but because this will not happen, we should at least keep up with its initiatives and ensure we are not always lagging behind.''King Salman took such a bold decision amid all these challenges and open fronts.

These include laws which require women to be accompanied by a male "guardian" when they leave their homes.

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A Saudi man has been arrested for allegedly threatening to attack women drivers, following a royal decree that ends a ban on women driving in the kingdom.

The man, in his 20s, posted a video online where he stated that if he saw a woman behind the wheel of a car that had broken down, he would 'burn her and her car'.

They also cannot have any interaction a man who she is not related to without permission from a male guardian, and have no rights in custody battles when the children reach a certain age.

The King of Saudi Arabia has issued a decree allowing women to drive, state media has said.

It cannot pass or enforce laws, which is a power reserved for the King.