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Now, he refers to her as “my dog.” “Me and Sanaa speak a certain language,” he said. “And a lot of those things you grow up with in a male-dominated society?

It makes you fearless." Additional reporting by Erik Parker.

“I felt confined in music videos and so comfortable on the movie set.

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This season, Empire upped its musical production by showcasing four or five songs per episode instead of last season’s two or three.

The process can be “like placing an order,” says executive music producer Timbaland. It’s like beats to-go.” He’s only slightly exaggerating.

Saving Our Daughters started as an inspiring book series for girls; presently the book series has launched into an inspirational organization which helps girls to overcome the many obstacles they face growing up: bullying (cyber, gossip, face-to-face), dating abuse, domestic violence and other esteem slayers.

Saving Our Daughters initiatives are rooted within the arts and entertainment fields.

The ultimate test, though, is when it gets sent to [co-creator] Lee Daniels. Mostly, though, she views it as a reality she was uniquely positioned to thrive within: Growing up in Tangier, there were plenty of restrictions based on gender.