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She definitely took control the whole time and it was nice being able to let go and be her boy toy.I was completely drained and slept very hard that night.I woke up with her under the blankets putting a cock cage on me.

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She kept teasing my cock, slowly, and I was on the edge of cumming and she knew it.

She started squirting all over my face and it seemed like it was never going to stop.

She wrapped her lips around my cock and I instantly started to cum.

She got up off my face, turned around sitting on my chest and held me down, and kissed me pushing all my cum into my mouth. We spent hours fucking, sucking, eating her out until we passed out.

Remember, writing the fiction gets the writer off and it will get the reader off. Have some one-on-one roleplay with other members and share in the forum what happened between you. Stuff that's not just tagged as incest, but has at least one mention of Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, Uncle, Aunt, Niece, Nephew or Cousin.