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The login information will be displayed and you simply click and copy the details to enter into the website in question.

If it doesn’t work, press the “Not working, show more” button to get another login.

The Firefox plugin simply requires you to right click on a use name or password field and click “Login with Bug Me Not”.

Having said that though, Password-login is easy to use and the success rate seems to be slightly better than Bug Me Not with the inclusion of a voting system and percentage success rate.

It’s definitely worth keeping this site to hand if the others don’t have the login you want.

All of the usernames and passwords listed on Bug Me Not are added by users which obviously has its good and bad points.

Good in that people can quickly add logins they have newly created themselves or found, bad if somebody is intentionally being mischievous and inserting fake information.

If a website match is found, it will then present you with a list of logins found with username, password and although not easily visible, the success rate percentage in red text.


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