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All are finding a city full of singles who are disillusioned with online dating — or who simply lack the time to make the effort."Generally speaking, people come to me to be relieved of stress," says Amy Van Doran, founder of the Modern Love Club.

But that didn't stop him from signing up for Train Spottings, the matchmaking service whose recruiters search New York City subways — and public parks and meeting spaces too — for potential romantic partners. "You have to meet a bunch of people in order to meet the right person." De Luca went with a six-month package, which means his matchmaker, Kady "Ms.

Turnstiles" Grant, has pledged to set him up on six dates.

Her ultimate goal is to give the world an honest perspective of life as a disabled person and dispel myths and stereotypes of how disability lifestyle is perceived and experienced - all the while inspiring fellow disabled people that they too, can live a fearless and free life.

In this episode, Lolo shares stories about living with a disability, and goes deep on everything from how she first handled her ALS diagnosis to what it's like to date when you have a disability, and all the everyday truths in between.

(He's 5'10".) "I think that one of my problems was that I wanted too many things," he says.