Radgrid sqldatasource not updating

Extending the interval from 3 seconds upwards can improve things but it still doesn't solve the problem.Since you are already relying on Java Script being enabled in the visitors browser with your current method, a much better solution here would be a completely Java Script enabled solution (all client side code) with no AJAX / postback at all.In this example the event fires twice when a) Grid View Enable View State=False and any image type control in the element. Code Behind (this is the only code in the page class) ---------------------------------------------------- ....

Once we get the value back, we store it in viewstate so that on the upcoming page_prerender, we can check and see which row has that id in it, and then highlight that row. Peter Kellner currently works as an enterprise consultant at

The reason we do it in prerender and not load is because the inserted event is processed after load and it would not work if we put it there. During the past year, Peter Kellner has authored four MSDN articles dealing with Membership and Profiles.

Briefly, the way the code works is that when a row is inserted into the database the sqldatasource’s Inserted event is called.

In this event, we take a look at the return parameter which comes from the sql: New Id is actually a return parameter, so we can get that back in the inserted event.

The simplest way to do this is to simply add to your web.config a very small section enabling Role Manager.


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