Quickgps not updating

I recently bought Spark 3 (basic model, without MP3 player nor Heart beat sensor) and followed all steps.Installed to PC, charged it, and when i did, it updated it to the last software version (1.3.255) and also updated Quick GPSFix (i could see the check indicating that Quick GPS was in its last version).

quickgps not updating-75

Is it normal for the quickfix gps to only go off so quickly.

And then what is the easiest way to get the watch onto the quickfix again?

But, 4 days after, it showed that Quick GPS needed to be updated.

So, i installed the app in my Android phone, synced it by turning on Bluetooth, and tried to update Quick GPS.

What I want to know if does the Quickgps need to constantly updated and does it matter if when you look at the watch status on the app that it has a red cross against it or not.