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The only question is when.“As more and more individuals realize that love’s not some resource to hoard, I think we’re going to see a snowball effect,” said Dr.

Eileen Callahan, who designed the researchers’ computational model.

“One of the problems that we have in spreading the message about polyamory in regional Australia,” states the site, “is that most folks in 'the bush' don't have decent internet access.” To counteract this, Poly Fi is looking into podcasts as a way to share Australian polyamorous information.

West Coasters, put this on your radar, because you’re going to want to be prepared.

When Adam and Kelsie started dating outside of their relationship in 2014, few expected it would grow to involve more than some close friends and Tinder matches.

It’s a site dedicated to rural polyamorists, with links and resources and events (including poly speed dating!

) for those polyamory Australia folks outside of the main cities.

And watch for warning signs; if a coworker starts talking about auditing a pretzel-making class, it’s time to brace for impact.”Wise words.