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Acute Care Services stated that he could be returned to the residence, but the case would be referred to juvenile authorities for delinquency.

His girlfriend admitted having an argument, but denied that physical contact had taken place. On October 4 at about 8 AM, Officer Laabs was dispatched to a single-family home, where a woman had locked herself in the bedroom after ransacking the house; Deputy Dexter assisted.

Officers were able to force the door open and they found the woman lying in a fetal position, covered only by a towel.

At PM, Officers Oswald and Krueger were dispatched to a Hemlock Street apartment, where a mother reported that her 16-year-old son had attacked her and damaged the television.

The youth was arrested for disorderly conduct and removed to the police station.

Officer Henning observed the vehicle stopped at a red light on Jackson Drive.


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