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He has thinning white hair and the small eyes of a bulldog.In a lilting voice, he speaks of “a dark age coming for humanity” and of “killing capitalism,” alternating gusts of passion with gentle laughter.

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is not the only radical magazine calling for the end of life as we know it, but it is by far the best-looking.

Lasn was interrupted by a phone call about the Zuccotti eviction while in bed, reading Julian Barnes’s “The Sense of an Ending.” He rose and checked his e-mail.

In high school, he founded an atheists’ club, over the objections of the principal. Lasn was born in Estonia, but his earliest memories are of German refugee camps, where his family ended up after fleeing the Russian Army during the Second World War.

This led to an appearance on “Politically Incorrect,” and atheist organizations flew White to their conferences to give talks. He remembers falling asleep on a cot as his uncles talked about politics with his father, a tennis champion who buried his trophies in the back yard before rushing the family onto one of the last boats to Germany.

He proposed late September of this year; then he settled on the seventeenth, his mother’s birthday. Lasn instructed the art department to insert “September 17th” beneath the bull and the ballerina, and devoted a tactical-briefing e-mail on July 13th exclusively to the proposed occupation.