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Woman, listen, you're looking for a unicorn: - has money - is hard working - yet, somehow has nothing to do all day long - is very attractive - loves to make fat old chicks cum - is content with whacking off once you've left because you don't care about pleasing him at all I bet guys like that dream of banging bottom-tier women.

Less attractive people are bound to spend longer looking for love online.

If people “revise” their profile over time in the hope of attracting more attention then, in the data, it will look like less attractive people are more deceptive.

(I personally suspect, though, that this gender difference has less to do with male versus female deception and more to do with how much make-up a woman wears in the middle of the day to a lab experiment compared to when out for a date.)They also found that the less attractive a person was the more likely they were to have lied about objective measures of physical attractiveness such as height and weight.

In general, women were not any more deceptive in their profiles regarding physical attractiveness than were men.), in this study there is little evidence that less physically attractive people were more guilty of elevating their social status.

some hours ago, who sent me a link to a Craigslist ad that kept getting funnier until the very end. (Source: Craigslist) So, guys, look what's on offer: - she's fat - she's old - she's delusional (sorry, sister, but obese women are not attractive) - she's uneducated, based on spelling and grammar - she's a parasite that wants to extract resources from you ("must be able to host") - she doesn't care about your sexual needs at all Of course, you'd have to be successful, your life has to be in order, but at the same time you'd have to be available "in the late morning early afternoon". (Also, if you’ve got a comment that is off-topic or only tangentially related to this article, then please post in the most recent Open Thread.