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In some cases, separated characters are reunited, or a quarrel between two romantically interested characters is resolved, but it isn't entirely certain where the relationship is going to go.

Instead of a "yes" or "no" answer to Will They or Won't They?

What this tells me: Men need to be in a partnership more than women. What this tells me: Men need to be in a partnership more than women. But the thing is, my husband was, hokey as it is, the love of my life, the peanut butter to my jelly, the soy sauce to my sashimi, the Tom to my (wishful) Gisele.

When adding examples, don't forget that there must be a likelihood that the characters in question would end up together.

Wishful thinking doesn't count: if you can't point to specific evidence of a potential romantic relationship, leave it out.

Contrast with Did Not Get the Girl, which may lead to a Bittersweet Ending.

This is an ending trope, and not all spoilers will be marked.

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