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I sit in gratitude for the ability to reflect, and assess, and take my next steps with the wisdom and purpose I am now equipt with. But my inner compass implores me to move forward from this place. And I know, now, that with every new phase of life comes the possibility of new astonishments, new challenges, new relationships, insights, and heartbreak. Move forward to live the life I have been gearing up for. Ever wonder how celebrity couples like Brangelina, Tom and Gisele, and the Beckhams first met?

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“At some point, you can only laugh and drop your hands and just think of it as theater.”(Harper).

She has also, over the past decade and change, found herself in a place writers rarely inhabit: the gossipy limelight.

Part of her enduring literary appeal is that each new book feels just that—new—as though she’s breaking up with a former self.

In —“Midway upon the journey of our life / I found myself within a forest dark, / for the straightforward pathway had been lost”—Krauss’s form and content align.

“Suddenly you remember that you have an extraordinary amount of control over who you are and how you live.” Since her separation from Foer, Krauss says, she’s been in a relationship with 32-year-old Israeli journalist and novelist Gon Ben Ari, whom she met during the Jerusalem Writers Festival in 2008.


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    I am from the south, was raised to be a good ole southern gal, but that sorta lifestyle wasn't for me.

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    These sexual pictures can be painted and then given to whoever you fancy. Flirtation Cards Essentially being a vintage emoji of some sorts, flirtation cards were used to express interest in someone.

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    Every single day I feel like that.” I ask if she wants more children. I say women often want to give their child a sibling, but since Simon has a daughter from a former marriage who is very much a part of their lives, Angelo already has a sister. The room has white flowing curtains, large sofas, and a TV screen on a wall.