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Insurance companies rarely let you switch medical providers in your 3rd trimester (trust me, I learned the hard way), so the earlier you choose your caregiver, the better. ” “What is the most common position your patients deliver babies?

Ask your local mom network for recommended hospitals, birth centers, and providers. ” “Would I be able to move about as I please and give birth in any position that feels most comfortable?

Written by Tessa // October 04, 2012 // Pregnancy Pregnancy can be uncomfortable, and the thought of birthing is super scary.

When I got pregnant the first time, I had no idea where to go for birthing classes. I could not even imagine what to expect, how painful it might be, or how I could ever recover.

You know how people pull and stretch balloons before blowing it up so that you ‘warm’ it up and prevent it from popping? The more elastic you are, the less likely your skin will tear. I know one woman who had six kids and never once tore.