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He tells me that most films don’t get bought the night of their premiere, but rather in the weeks after the festival, so the distributor’s production and marketing teams can run the numbers on how much they think they can make on your film.

This is supposedly a good year for indie filmmakers because Amazon and Netflix purchased a lot of films out of Sundance and South by Southwest, leaving a lot of the conventional independent distributors with more need to buy films out of Tribeca.7 p.m.

As we look through domestic distribution offers on , we are trying to keep in mind the impact various deals will have on our foreign value.6 p.m.

I have a call with my friend Abe Schwartz of production company Honora regarding our distribution offers.

At just three years old, Muddy River Distillery is North Carolina’s first and oldest rum distillery since prohibition, staking claim on an as-of-yet untapped craft liquor market in a state that’s currently home to more than 100 craft breweries.


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