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Actually, I am now taking her previous recommendations on online strategy for the GOP more seriously, by comparison. In fact: Here's the biggest surprise: I am not only turned off by people who voted for Barack Obama, but I am also turned off by people that voted for my dad--or more so, obsessive supporters of my dad.

Recently, over dinner, a guy started explaining his reasons for supporting President Obama during the election (I didn't ask, I think the poor guy felt guilty) and I immediately found any attraction I had previously had dissipate.

This blonde chick has got the adorable height of 5 feet 1 inch and reveals her great look with tight short skirt and pair of high heels.

She weighs 62 kilos and looks extremely hot in a black dress with red lips.

If a guy starts talking about Obama, her mind wanders. Any guy that has a fetish for older women in pantsuits and large pearls obviously only finds my last name attractive about me." The dating doldrums have left the 2007 Columbia University graduate spending more free time writing and hanging out with girlfriends.