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Here are the picks for the week beginning Monday, March 9th: Monday One of the things Bates Motel has always excelled in doing is teasing the ultimate fate of Norman Bates (Freddie Highmore) without the show feeling completely beholden to its source material, Psycho.

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So, they were all like, "Who is this girl and why is she wearing that? I turned to look and see who they were but didn't realize that I was about to walk into my trailer, so I smacked my head right in front of them! There is this one scene where a bomb goes off and I get blown away and am on the ground, not moving, and he comes and leans over me really close and we had to look at each other and have a moment.

It was pretty awkward — we were both just trying so hard not to laugh. A couple of years ago, I was at my aunt's [Julia Roberts!

The cast for History's eight-hour miniseries Texas Rising is also huge.

The series will focus on the rise of the Texas Rangers Bloody fruit, dead birds and hints of incest — oh my.

A&E delivered a first look at Season 3 of its returning drama “Bates Motel” on Wednesday, and it was exactly as creepy as fans might imagine.


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