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Users who matched with Ava were able to hold a conversation about love, life and being human.Ava would then invite the user to view her Instagram account, which contained photos and videos promoting a sci-fi film titled “Ex Machina” – that happened to be showing at a local theater.After watching a short video or two, it became apparent that Ava wasn’t an actual girl at all.

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The videos are aimed at people over 21 years old who are interested in partying and drinking.

Tinder’s Head of Sales, Alexis Ginas, thinks highly of the Bud Light campaign and how well it fits into their platform.

In this post, I am going to make some valid points that I think you are going be able to appreciate on both sides of the fence. as well as those that are bitter towards the idea of MLM because of past experiences.

Either way, these are undeniable points that I am about to make.

Users simply swipe left or right on pictures that they find attractive.