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I was working on the boat when I looked over at my sister as she pulled her shirt over her head. I want to get as much of a tan as possible before I go back to the cold. "I've worn bikinis like this on Spring break in Florida." "What" my mom said shocked. My father was staring back at the front of my ship and drifting closer. I could see my sister's back and her hands moving over her front rubbing sun tan lotion on her chest. My sister, Mandy, a few seconds later laid back down on her towel. When I moved past my sister, Mandy, jutted up right covering her breast with her hands. My sister holding her breast carefully turned over onto her stomach. There is now way I can turn it even if I wanted to and I don't. Our attempt to take down the sails failed miserably. The sails were swept over board, the mast crashing down on the ship and then falling over.

My sister was wearing the smallest of small bikini tops. I looked away embarrassed slightly at seeing my sister in so revealing an outfit. I looked back over a few seconds later when I heard my Mom yell, "Mandy". My mom looked over at my father who quickly looked away from my sister's ass. The wind conditions in the South Pacific were very light. "I told you to tell me when you needed to come forward.," my sister shouted at me. As she turned over I caught another glimpse of her boobs and nipples when she released her hands to balance herself and then flatten her body to the towel and deck. " "Checking the rigging," I was now staring at my sister's legs, back and ass. "Sure." Annoyed I replied, "Mom is right that bikini looks ridiculous. It wouldn't be much different." "I would if I wasn't on a boat with my little brother. I need your help." "I need it when we get off," my sister responded. Rain was whipping down on us and I had lost sight of my father's sail boat hours ago. I shouted to my sister who was shivering in her now unimportant bikini, "We have to button up the ship and go below.

Soon we would be gone from our parents daily lives. He was still slightly ahead but moving farther away. My father was caught in my sails now as he was losing some speed by having to maneuver away from my boat. My dad might see nudity everyday at work but those naked bodies didn't look like his own daughter's.

My father was not a lay on the beach type guy, anyway He needed to be doing something. Hours later The wind was whipping like crazy and seas were getting incredible rough. You're a fucking surgeon and you can't get a damn weather forecast right.

I would end up having to do the same thing tomorrow when my father rescheduled the race.


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