Lauren conrad dating justin bobby

Of course we couldn't forget when her former roommate, Heidi Montag morphed into her worst enemy, and Lauren gave us the words we utter when an ex texts us out of the blue just to eff everything up, "I want to forgive you, and I want to forget you."Now: Since leaving the show in its fifth season, Lauren has published several books including her recent party guide, .

And got married to William Tell in 2014 — in a wedding that we're sure was Pinned the world over.

ago — seriously, we can't even believe it — on May 31, we crowded around our televisions (because let's be honest, who really had DVR at that point), fumbled with the remote, and quickly turned the channel to MTV for the premiere of .

Justin Bobby made his comments on an episode of the podcast that was released on Thursday."I'm literally chatting with Audrina right now," said the former reality star, who now performs as alternative punk rock musician Bobbyroc K.

"We're talking because I made a comment about her, you know, what was happening with her divorce.

Remember that epic scene where he leaves Audrina at a party crying, holding a motorcycle helmet?

Of course, you do, because you were crying along with her.

Prosecutors opted not to file charges against Bohan due to lack of evidence. News, "My first reaction is the thought of the child, obviously.