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They simply sent out world-wide casting calls, offering extremely large payments along with extremely low odds of actually getting snuffed. Tiffany knew better, having reviewed a chip from last night in which she was anything but timid with one of the men and two of the other girls. It's printed in English and in your own home language, if it is not English. But remember that there are consequences for quitting at this point. You and your named beneficiaries would have twenty-four hours to reimburse URP for all expenses incurred in bringing you here — including recruitment, transportation, accommodations, meals, entertainment, wardrobe, bodily adornments, medical exams, consorts and so forth. That's an amount that bankrupts most people instantly. The camera picks up every subtle indicator of nervous tension and Tiffany milked every trick in the book to maximize that tension. She was kneeling on a wooden bench, her legs spread and her knees tied down to the bench.

Tiffany's company, Ultimate Reality Productions, was among the most generous in the industry. Like four elements of Greeks." "I think it was are too vague. The smoky blonde pixie had managed to keep her fingers busy in both cunts while bringing off the young man with her mouth. If you have trouble speaking English during the oath, don't worry about it. It's raising your right hand on camera during the reading of the Oath that counts. Failure to pay in full and on time means you would be charged with breach of contract, theft by deception and unlawful flight to avoid a certified culling lottery. A tiny risk for a in a position to get even richer! All one hundred had shown up on time at the studio where a live audience of nine hundred was being seated. The position accentuated her lush figure, her full breasts and the gleaming gold ring in her pussy.

Even for the unlucky ones in these Culling Lotteries, as they were called in legal circles, there was a certain consolation in knowing that their contract fee would go to their named beneficiaries, plus any "option bonuses" and royalties from the snuff and roast videos. " The voice was male and came from a smirking blond in the front row. I think it would be maximum cool if the victim is fucked by us male candidates, and maybe a bunch of bad-ass machines, until all three holes are ripped to shreds and she bleeds to death with a smile on her face. " "I think, Tony, that it's not terribly original," Tiffany answered dryly, "and that unless you can come up with a dozen or so entirely fresh new ways to fuck a girl to death, you'd be best off considering other avenues of torture. " "Yes, Ma'am." "This is her fourth appearance with URP. Numbers 1-25 at the beginning of the line on her left had tan sashes, signifying Wood. The nervous tension of the young cast was palpable. With a hundred people to talk to, only the scant essentials were touched upon: name, age, home town and measurements. But if you haven't caned or been caned, here's how it works." He selected a medium cane with a fair amount of whip.

Some loved one, in most cases, would get a nice windfall as a result of their highly unlikely demise. "Crushing is good," agreed Tiffany, urging things along. It was just today's variation on a traditional recommendation, and it usually came from the male minority. There'll be plenty of fucking going on in any event." Her tone seemed to take the edge off his smugness. She is one of our most popular regulars and I'm delighted that she has chosen to grace our studios one more time." Not satisfied with merely being rich in a country where most still hovered at the edge of poverty, Lin was determined to be a player as well. His voice, recognizable to hundreds of millions, rambled on enthusiastically. In-depth interviews with clips showing childhood photos and other biographical memorabilia had already been recorded and would be used as filler during the two day show, along with increasingly salacious material captured during those first giddy days in LA as well as the two bawdy nights to come. The signed contract, as Tiffany had pointed out, was legally binding; dropouts would be pursued through the legal system. "As you can see, her position leaves her arms, body, thighs, calves and feet nicely exposed for caning.

The number crunchers and programming gurus soon noticed that the greater the cruelty, the higher the ratings. By the time Tiffany was finishing her Masters Degree at Harvard, the business had grown from that primitive origin in a secret abattoir to a multi-billion dollar industry with a world-wide audience eager to pour out an ocean of money to watch real live sex, suffering, death and cannibalism. "As you work out the plans for your motif, remember that our audience is looking for extreme cruelty. Soon she was writhing in her restraints and screaming into her gag as the hot water streamed into her bowels.