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It helps our guys work on more of the fine details of everything instead of trying to figure out, ‘Where do I go?

This is where we see a jump from quarterback Ryan Tannehill in an offense that he knows rather than is learning. But — yes, there’s always the possibility of a but — none of this is certain.

The team culture that Gase, executive vice president of football operation Mike Tannenbaum and general manager Chris Grier built all of last year is mostly established in Year Two. This is where trading for tight end Julius Thomas, who played his most productive seasons under Gase in Denver, pays off.

’ “So that’s going to be something that I’m very excited to see in the spring, to see how far we’ve come over one season.

“And then you go out and play, things should slow down for you.” Alonso has talked about 2017 being his first NFL season in which he’s in the same defensive scheme for a second year in a row.