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I’ve been working with the managed metadata functionality provided in Share Point 2010 fairly extensively over the past few months.

While it is a great feature and works well when used through the UI it has several rough edges that can cause problems when you are deploying features that use managed metadata fields.

While this approach works for deploying standalone site columns there are a few problems you might encounter: The first issue is to do with the fact that managed metadata columns rely on a second note field to function correctly.

This is mentioned in a forum post referenced in the comments of Wictor’s article but even when you add this in you run into the second problem: the managed metadata column does not appear in the search refinement panel as per columns created through the UI.

Some of these have been documented elsewhere but some of these haven’t so this will be the first of two posts covering (1) some of the potential problems using managed metadata (this post), and (2) a robust way of provisioning Share Point 2010 managed metadata fields.

The majority of fields in Share Point can be reverse engineered by looking at the field schema and this can then be used to deploy this in a feature.

I’ll also include some updates to the process of provisioning Share Point 2010 managed metadata fields to mitigate some of the potential problems I’ve found when using this in real life scenarios. Update 12/3/11 – The next post The complete guide to provisioning Share Point 2010 Managed Metadata fields is now available.


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