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[which I disagree with]" So the argument on the Lex Scantinia has two opposing viewpoints. Hellenist Judaism from Herod the Great to the Mishnah 40 B.

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Because if they had, it would surely have been mentioned by Cicero and the other great lawyers and legislatures, whereas the best attestation that the modern scholars can cite is a prostitute's quip to a judge in Juvenal.

The other most important work in this area, between Williams and Verstraete, is a brilliant anthology of translations, often made by the editor himself, and most astute commentaries, assembled by Thomas Hubbard.

Eugene Rice, who is cannibalizing his great work - erudite beyond belief - by posting excerpts on the excellent online gay encyclopedia GLBTQ, of which there are seven Kabinettsstücke (each more scintillating the last: Hadrian, St.

Paul, Patristic Writers, Sodomy, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Medieval Europe, Aelred of Rievaulx), in his Ancient Rome article writes, "The deep-seated prejudice against adult male passives distilled in formulas like servilis patientia (slave-like submission) and muliebris patientia (woman-like passivity) helps explain the provisions of the much debated lex Scantinia (mid-second century B. E.), the only Roman law directed against same-sex acts before the legislation of the Christian emperors in the fourth century C. Scraps of good evidence from Juvenal and Suetonius suggest that the law criminalized the two main prohibitions of the sexual code: the seduction of an underage freeborn boy [which I agree with] and the anal and oral submission of a Roman citizen to penetration by another male. late-Hellenist Judaism from the Mishna to the death of Justinian 200 A. D The motto of the whole project is: There was nothing left for St.

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