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You may not believe if the woman from Ukraine tells you she just knows that you are going to grow old together.Red Flag #5 exaggerated literary picture of your future together with every message is not normal behavior in the Ukrainian dating field.It is also a fact that on the internet it is possible to buy pre-written letters ready to send to unsuspecting men.

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But and it is a big but, she should be viewed with caution.

Red Flag #2: weak anti-scam system on your Ukrainian dating site Many newbies make this silly and costly mistake, namely: they begin to use the Ukrainian dating site without having made a detailed online research on its services.

Unfortunately, it may be sometimes too good to be true.

As for me, and I keep telling clients , it is very strange if a 20 year old beauty from Ukraine contacts a man who is much older than her, a is extremely big and may be the reason for problems and misunderstanding in a Western-Ukrainian relationship But I have to mention that not every young Ukrainian woman who contacts an older man is a scammer.

The chances are that if you are writing to [email protected], you can assume that she has ten other E-mail addresses such as Olya_m, Lena_d, Ira_j etc.