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Helena is a woman who believes in using her strengths to help others.

Now aged 48 (she was born in Copenhagen on Christmas Day in 1968), she's been a regular visitor to Ireland ever since she first came to participate in Ali Hewson's Supermodel Show, in aid of the ISPCC and Chernobyl, at the Point Depot in 1996.

“I guess Helena saw a picture of me and said, ‘Who’s that? The feline was named by Mingus at a time when Reedus couldn’t afford to keep his lights on.

’ and Yelena goes, ‘Oh, that’s f - - king Norman,’ and took Helena to meet me at a friend’s birthday party,” he says. “Mingus was only about 5, and he came up to me and said, ‘I need a black cat.’ So I went everywhere trying to find a black cat, and then finally this shelter in the East Village said they had one but I probably wouldn’t want it,” Reedus recalls.

Since 2008 she has been in a relationship with singer Paul Banks of the band Interpol.


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    I do love her very much, but it's become so painfully clear that I've done too much and made too many excuses for her all her life, and she is spoiled and selfish and acts like she dislikes me.

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    Modern psychology evaluations do exist and are meant to keep some potentially dangerous individuals from holding positions of power and authority, such as working in law enforcement.

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    Een ideale sekspartner ligt echter niet zomaar voor het grijpen.