Is harry styles dating a french girl

After all, she's quite the impressive traveler herself.According to her website, Tess has recently been to Tulum in Mexico, Italy and New York City.She's often spotted wearing the brand off-duty.

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She Loves Food: One quick look at Tess' Instagram and you'll quickly learn that the chef and food consultant enjoys cooking and savoring a variety of meals.

Whether she's traveling in a new city, dining out at a restaurant or whipping up a tasty meal in the kitchen, the professional foodie enjoys showcasing the dishes coming into her stomach.

You can thank her lineage—she was born and partially raised in Paris (and speaks fluent French), but she now lives in her mother's native Los Angeles." data-srcset="

width=690&height=&mode=crop&quality=75" data-reactid=".gi77v9b8pg.$"/She's an established French It-girl 27-year-old Rowe has long been on the fashion scene, lauded for her eclectic French girl meets Cali cool style.

She's often spotted wearing the brand off-duty." data-srcset="


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